Example Use Cases

Easily integrate NFTs to create new features and boost engagement.

  • Create digital collectibles, badges, or stickers for your users

    • Reward your users with custom digital collectibles such as stickers, badges, cards, etc. You can create real NFTs from existing or new designs and give them out to users for achievements, status, or to encourage engagement. You can also sell them to users as an additional source of direct revenue. See our NFT Badges integration on Listia

  • Create NFT collectibles that unlock features or private areas of your app

    • You can issue special NFT Tokens to users as a way to unlock special features, show off their elite status, or view private areas of your app. Collectible NFTs are a great way to encourage users to engage more with your app and upgrade to premium plans. The NFTs act like a special key that can unlock features in a more rewarding way.

  • Tokenize existing user-generated content and turn them into NFTs

    • You can easily turn user-generated content, such as photos, artwork, stories, poems, posts, music, or any other type of media into NFTs. These NFTs can then be bought and sold between users in your community as a new form of engagement and new source of revenue.

  • Create digital accessories, fashion, or items for your game or social app

    • Turn all the weapons, accessories, and power ups in your game into NFT items. Users love the ability to truly own the in-app items that you provide. This allows them to buy, sell, and trade them with other users, which provides meaningful engagement and also an additional revenue stream for your app.

  • Create new NFT focused apps, games, or features from scratch

    • Build a next generation marketplace, wallet, or social community around NFTs without writing any blockchain code! Our APIs are compatible with the most popular NFTs on Ethereum and you can create a simple wallet app that supports them all with just a few API calls.

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